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Blake's Circus

Blake's Cicus -
Produced and Directed by SJ Couzens and Gavin Marshall

This is a collaboration with Sarah Jean Couzens, Gavin Marshall, Jon Hicks and Peter Coyte. We are re-imagining circus through the eyes of William Blake. Blake lived next to the famous Astley's Amphitheatre at the begining of the 19th Century, a place of wonder and excitement.

The next scheduled performance of this project will be in London later in 2018




This project is about morphography, transfiguration, mapping, describing, showing and epitomising; it is about mountains, desire, emotion, before and after, landscape, drawing, moving, falling down, gravity, ecology and responsibility.

Read More About the Project Here

Orographic is part of the celebrations for European Championships Glasgow in 2018:

Fearl Glasgow 2018


Sea Hames

Sea Hames a series of site-specific performances and is a visceral and poetic response to the mythology and iconography of horses. It was created in association with Orkney Island Museums and the Festival of the Horse and Boys Ploughing Match. The project has been presenedt at Threave Gardens in Galloway; Crawick Artland in collaboration with renowned  landscape-artist Charles Jenks; Dalkeith Estates and Dance Base in Edinburgh and as part of Sanctuary in the Dark Skies Park in Galloway, and Manipulate Festival, Edinburgh.

Read more here: Sea Hames

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Music and Words

These are both important elements of our work and the basis of many fruitful collaborations. Here is a link to recordings made of music from some of our performances over the past few years:





Commissioned by Glasgow Mackintosh for the Creative Mackintosh festival, Un-Looking is a series of costumed performance events inspired by the paintings and buildings of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.We are looking for further opportunities to show this work.


Spring Fling and Dumfries and Galloway arts Festival



Not To Scale

This project is an exploration of power, energy, size, desires and realities. We showed the work as a series of performances that changed in scale and location over a twelve month period.We also be presented costume and drawings at Spring Fling in Galloway, Merz Gallery in Sanquhar and Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries.


Bellmouth Papercone


Creative Scotland

Bellmouth Papercone

This is a continuing process of exploration about listening and speaking. In 2015 we made a series of events in collaboration with different festivals and locations, including the launch of the new Crawick Multiverse landform by Charles Jenks.

Audience postings here from Galoshans Festival, Sanctuary Festival and some documentation from Hungary:



Treadmill Poets

The Lost Book

A collaboration with Mischief LaBas and Mark Zygadlo, the Lost Supper was an exploration of leading characters from the year 1791 and an invitation to madness as a form of therapy.The Book of the show is available to buy through Blurb containing wonderful photographs from Florencia García Chafuén. You can also see it as a pdf file here :

The Lost Book - (9.4mb) PDF to preview now or buy the book at

The Lost Supper at

More to read about Mischief here: Mischief La Bas

Creative Scotland

On Tenterhooks

On Tenterhooks

On Tenterhooks is a performance and music event celebrating the craft, creativity and commerce surrounding the river Exe and Britain's oldest surviving canal. Between October the 28th and November the 4th 2016 Oceanallover presented tall tales of serge and sturgeons at public places around Exeter, culminating in an evening of fire and drama at the quayside.
The project was a collaboration between Oceanallover, Exeter City Council and artists, makers, musicians, writers, performers, dancers, historians, environmentalists, farmers, business owners, enthusiasts and people from Exeter and the surrounding region.


Exeter City Council





Collaborations with Trevor Leat

Our sculpture for the Unexpected Exeter Festival in 2016 was a huge Sturgeon leaping out of the river.
Trevor Leat and Alex Rigg have built large willow figures for many festivals and events over the past fourteen years.

Exeter City Council



Here is a link to the Alex Rigg entry on the Craft Council web site:


Bellmouth Papercone