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Drawing & Words

Design and writing are both a very important part of my design process. Both of these elements happen before, during and after the process of live performance.
Here are a few pieces that are a part of some recent work.


Ecdysis (In Vivo)


Ecdysis (On Vivo)




Un-Looking Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone The Song of the Morlock

The moon is black, both new and old,
Charcoal circle, carbon sky;
Rise the tides of need and order,
Power to seize and to signify.

Falling now this curtained stall
Reveals both throne and sitter;
Dispense with grace or reverie,
Stands shamelessly the shitter.

Step clear of stink and habit,
Pick fine fruits with digits soiled;
Within this darkest dirty orbit
A phase to pass and hold reviled.

I will eat you all my darling,
Dab the corners of my mouth
With cloth most cultured, fine and silken,
Certain of my tastes throughout.

You will give me acid reflux,
Repeat this feast and speculate;
My latter days a silent fortress
Of intro spective mass and weight.






oceanallover Performance Un-Looking