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Ecdysis (In Vivo)

Ecdysis in vivo
I'm splitting my sides for you
ecdysis in vivo
climbing out of my skin.

Pushing the boundaries
stretching belief again
peripheral drought
and dermal dis ease.

Bursting the zip straight
jacketed liberties
flesh to inflate
my sloth all sluffed off.

Shiny and sharp again
larger than life
expanded horizons
scaled, clothèd and right.


ecdysis | ˈɛkdɪsɪs, ɛkˈdʌɪsɪs | noun [mass noun] Zoology the process of shedding the old skin (in reptiles) or casting off the outer cuticle (in insects and other arthropods).
in vivo | ɪn ˈviːvəʊ | adverb & adjective Biology (of processes) performed or taking place in a living organism: [as adverb] :  fluid transport was measured in vivo | [as adjective] :  in vivo studies in animals. The opposite of in vitro.


Adder Skin


Both Reptiles and insects must shed their skin in order to grow.
They pass through a stage of lethargy while they part company from their previous shape and scale, emerging clean and new and vigorous - ready to face the world.

This project presents the concept of slouging, sluffing and shedding. Becoming new, outgrowing and of moving beyond.

We are making costume, dance and music that steps out of its own skin, that is liberational and new.
Alex Rigg of Oceanallover is working in collaboration with:

Sgt Pokes
Mr Pearl
Breezy Lee

Together we will realise our release from the old. Together we will begin our transformation through the auspices of the five species of reptiles found in the wild in Scotland, before exploring other reptiles living in the wild in the UK and beyond. These first five are The Common Lizard, The Sand Lizard, The Slow Worm, The Adder and the Leatherback Turtle. The project will include an event on the Isle of Coll which is host to Scotland's only colony of Sand Lizards.

We will also be looking at other species of reptiles found on the Southern Downs, including the Grass Snake and Glass Snake as part of our collaboration with the Croyden arts and music scene. Both Breezy Lee and Sgt Pokes have strong links with Croyden and this project wil form part of a reinvigoration and reimagining of live performance in SE London.

In parallel we will pay tribute to reptile species native and archetypal in Japan where we also present the project. Oceanallover will be taking work to the Komatsu region of Japan in 2020 supported by the British Council.


Ecdysis - Auldgirth Bridge



Alex Rigg - Belgrade, 1995


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