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This project is about morphography, transfiguration, mapping, describing, showing and epitomising; it is about mountains, desire, emotion, before and after, landscape, drawing, moving, falling down, gravity, ecology and responsibility.

An Inclination to describe what we have seen leads us to make communications with other people and with the things around us. We are a descriptor for our own behaviour and a description of physical action. What we see is how we are or may become. To look at a mountain is to look at something vast, we become filled with a desire to be part of that enormity. What may feel like a desire for conquest is a need for assimilation and belonging. If we break something to discover what it is made of then are we trying to become like the thing we have destroyed? The short circuit of seeing linked with a desire to own can prevent us from seeing and understanding.

This project will look at the landscape and at massive, tectonic structures in particular. Artist and public will be invited to consider the physical form and effects of mountains on their own lives. At each location we will create a response to one monumental landform.
Beginning with the physical shapes, colours, textures and lines of the site we will make costume and movement that talks about the mountain and its historical place within local culture and ecology. As the project moves on to a second location we will look at a mountain from that place following the same process of emotional cartography. This mapping will be presented at the second location and will include elements of performance and costume from the first location. The project will continue onwards through differing landscapes discussing a series of mountains and bringing with it elements from all previous mountains in a cumulative geology of ideas.



The figure stepped forward into a ladder of sunlight.
Below precipital shoulders a wild and pathless forest grew
with a marked cleft or ravine at the North and South faces,
filled with swift water.
Seen at a distance, harsh lines in pinnacular form lifted above
its shoulders and white with ice hung three triangular massifs,
the central piece being the tallest.
Stepping across the landscape the air around it was
meteorological and thick with a quad of ravens suspended or
pinned in indigo blue air.
Above its knees where the hem of a faded cloak was frayed
like mown hay and small animals waited in hedged lines,
there was a door.
The door from story, the way in or through or down to where
a deity might reside, or perhaps a worm.
As the figure passed out of the sun's charity and
into the depths of shade, at that moment before it could
no longer be seen, the door opened.


(Alex Rigg 2017)


Unlooking - Oceanallover

Oceanallover at the Hillhouse, Helensburgh


Design and Direction:

Alex Rigg


Feral Arts
Glasgow 2018
Slovak Wildlife Society
South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project
The Touring Network
Crawick Multiverse Trust
Orkney Islands Council
Angus Balbernie




Un-Looking Polleniser Polleniser Bellmouth Papercone sea hames on tenterhooks
Un-Looking Bellmouth Papercone
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Lost Supper POLLEN Sporopollen Un-Looking Lost Supper POLLEN Bellmouth Papercone






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